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April 11, 2012- OstBevern, Germany

OstBevern, Germany.

After a very long flight, we finally boarded off the last plane in Münster, Germany which is about thirty minutes from OstBevern. We went to the claim our baggage and mine didn't show up! So in a new city in and a new country we walked to the "lost and found" where I reported my lost luggage to a very sweet man. He looked in the computer system and was not able to track where my luggage was. I was too excited to even care that my things were lost! I filled out some information and we walked out to the lobby of the airport where Viola, Oliver, Christina, and Jenni were waiting for us! Viola is the mother and Oliver is her son. This is who I am staying with! Viola also has another son named Aladin. Since we arrived yesterday at about 2:30 pm (Germany time) which is about 7:30 am in Kentucky I was surprised when I wasn't tired at all! I was so excited to be here that I didn't even notice the lack of sleep. We drove home and this is what I saw...

This is my beautiful home where I will be living for the next four weeks. The triangular window at the top is my window in my room. Their home is in a beautiful village. Hardly anyone drives their cars. Everyone either bikes or walks. It is wonderful. Everything in this village is in walking/riding distance. When we walked into the house I immediately felt at home. Everyone is so kind and welcoming! We sat at the kitchen table for cake and coffee. This is something most Germans do when they have guests over! I am certainly bringing this back to the states! Afterward we walked to Oliver and Aladin's schule (school). Their schule is a castle built by Johann Conrad von Schlaun. He is a well known architect who has built many castles around this area. This is a picture of their schule.

Isn't is beautiful! I was stunned. We continued our walk and went back home. I even found the way back on my own! :) Once we arrived at home, Hannah and her family left to go to their house. We relaxed and Aladin played the piano for me. I know simple songs like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Cannon in D" but Aladin was playing the most beautiful music I had ever heard! It was what we Americans only see on TV. It was fabulous. I was most impressed! Then, we had dinner or "lunch" as they call it here. We had onion cake and salad. It was DELISH! I will be taking home a lot of recipes to my mom! After dinner, Viola and I went on a bike ride with Amy (their dog). We rode through the town and went to Josef-Annegarn Schule. This is the name of the school where I will be teaching 10 and 11 year olds. It is a wonderful school! I had trouble getting on and off the bike, as I am very short! But I will get used to that! I forgot how much joy being outdoors and on a bike is. Something I only did as a child and now I can't wait to go again. Kentucky is much different.

This is a playground area where children in the village come to play.

After our bike ride we sat in their den and watched a movie in German and talked. I showed Viola the children's yearbook from the school I student taught at in Kentucky. I also let her read the letters they had written for her students here in OstBevern. While talking the phone rang and Viola said "that is why I have two healthy boys to get up and answer the phone". Little did we know it was the airport calling! My bags were found! Viola went to the phone and talked to someone and returned with the good news! Thirty minutes later the door bell rang and my bags were home. I was very lucky and much appreciative to the nice ladies who delivered my bags.

Then, we went to bed. At first I didn't think I was going to be able to sleep because of the time difference but once my head hit the pillow I was out like a light. My first day in Germany was wonderful. I am so excited to be here! This experience is everything I ever hoped for...and more!!

I will write another blog about my day today in Münster, Germany! It's suppertime here!

Till' Next time!

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  1. Emily,

    It's absolutely breathtaking! I am so happy for you! It was good to "see" that pretty face of yours! Talk soon~