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Friday, April 20, 2012- OstBevern

Friday, April 20,2012

Happy Friday to us! After a very eventful week I was excited for the weekend! Plus, the next day a group of us from JAS would be going to Köln! Friday was a great day! I teach two classes on Fridays a fifth grade class and a seventh grade class! I got to observe Christina for the first time and learned a great game that I am sure to use in my classroom! Basically four students are chosen and they each go to a corner. They played to practice their English vocabulary using simple past and infinitive forms! The first student to answer gets to move to the next corner. Then, the winner is the student who makes it all the way around and back to the corner where they began! The kids love it and I can't wait to try this out in my own classroom! I also observed German and Music with Viola! Finally, I collected all the letters from the students! Friday was mailing day! WHOO HOO!! Some students did not bring in pictures, so Viola and I decided to print their school pictures in the library! During my planning period I cut out each picture and glued them to the back of the student's letter! They were officially ready for mailing! :)  The day went by so quickly! After school, Viola and I came home for a bit and then went to pick up her niece from the train station. Tonight we would have choir rehearsal! Her sister, nieces, and uncle are all in in the choir together! I think it is great they all share the joy of music together! After we picked up her niece, we went to the post office where I bought envelopes and stamps for the children's letters. Then we went to the market, quickly came home and got on our bikes, and left for choir. I got to meet Viola's lovely sister for the first time! She is very sweet! Here's a story about something that's not so sweet!!

Viola was telling me about her salt water taffy experience on the way to choir. She mentioned how she thought she would love the taste but shared how quickly she spit it out after putting it in her mouth! It wasn't as good as she had hoped. Little did we know, I would have a similar experience only moments later! She had also mentioned a candy made out of Ginger. The only ginger I know is the pink stuff they give you at Shogun or other Japanese restaurants! I have never had ginger candy. I was starting to feel like I was getting a cold. My nose has been stuffy and I have a constant cough. This is never good for singing! My throat was dry so Viola handed me a ginger candy. I was thinking sweet. Right? Candy is usually sweet! WRONG! It looked very soft so I put it in my mouth and bit down. HARD AS A ROCK! Now, it was stuck in my teeth. After almost breaking my tooth, I finally got the candy out! Viola started to laugh. Then, the sweet taste I thought it would be, quickly turned to the hottest thing I had ever experienced. I started to sweat, cry, and laugh all at the same time! IT WAS SO HOT! Viola and her sister got tickled and we couldn't control the laughter! I was in tears! Laughter is the best medicine! Viola and I laugh together all the time! She is SO much fun! I am going to be devastated when I have to leave her!

A storm came during choir rehearsal. It had been a beautiful day and the first day I didn't have to wear a coat. I sure wish I had brought my coat with me cause after the storm, it was FREEZING outside! A bike ride in the cold when you're not feeling good=YUCK! Luckily, we live very close to the music hall. Friday evening was very relaxing! Viola and I went to the mailbox and sent the letters to Kentucky! I am so excited for them to get the letters and hopefully write back soon!!! We went to bed pretty early, for our big day in Köln would come bright and early the next morning! :)

Till' Next Time!!

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